About Jody McNary


I have been a Photographer professionally since 2005. I have been a photographer, well let's say for most of my life. Plain and Simple, it is my favorite thing. I am always seeing through the lens. I will see an opportunity for a great shot and hope I have my camera on me! I am always looking for that next great masterpiece. My favorite type of photography is candid shots. When people are being themselves and don't know that I am lurking in the shadows with my camera.

Wedding Photography along with Engagement Sessions are my passion. I have always been obsessed with Weddings in general.  I can hardly wait to get to my clients on their Wedding Day to start capturing all the splendor! From the moment the Brides hair stylist starts to the groomsmen getting dress, I am there capturing and documenting every special moment.  


Why I do Wedding Photography

There is not a single reason I choose to specialize in Wedding Photography. It is the day that two families join together to share in the love and support of two people who have decided to entwine their lives and futures together. It is my desire to capture the love in their eyes, and the moments they will want to look back on for years to come. I don't provide the memories, but I capture them so that their family and friends, and possibly their future children can look back and cherish all the special moments of this Beautiful day.

 A new Chapter

This new chapter in my life and my Photography includes getting back into shooting Families and Seniors. I have been limiting myself to just Weddings this past three years, but feeling a little empty during off Wedding season. I am experience with shooting Families and Seniors. This is where I began!! So, lets get this party started!! 


Things that I love

- My husband: Jay makes me laugh every day. 

- My Family: Two sons, and a wonderful daughter in-law, and two beautiful  grandchildren.

- My furry children: Two dogs and three cats. We have eight year old hundred pound black Lab/Hound mix. His name is "Wolf" and is one of the most loving devoted dogs we have ever had. Our other dog is "Rosie". A ten year old seven pound white Papillon. She may be small but she is mighty and has way too much confidence. Rosie and Wolf the are the yin yang of the canine world. Are cats are Zeke, Scrappy and Blue. All of our animals are rescued from shelters or found wondering, looking for us to take them home. Animals are basically people with fur. Just looking for love and a home. What I love most about them is their unconditional love. It is never ending. I guess it's not hard to see, from the length of this post, that I am very fond of animals.

- Antiques:  I love all things old and have a story behind them. My husband and I have spent many hours at flee markets looking for treasures. 

- Yoga: Something that makes me feel at peace and keeps be in shape...yeah I'm there.  Namaste'

- Thunderstorms: Curl up with a good book or a classic movie. The only thing that could make it better is a thunderstorm. 

- Italian food: I just can't get enough!!

- Giving back:  My three charities that I commit to are the following:

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