Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find your Wedding Photography Services Pricing?
A: I will be glad to send you my Collection prices. Please go to my CONTACT page and fill out the information. When I receive your email I will send you a PDF of all three of my Photography Services Collections.

Q: During Weddings do you work with a second photographer?
A: Yes, I do work with a second photographer: my daughter in-law. I am the main photographer and Cassy is my backup. It is impossible to be in two places at once, that's why I bring someone I trust to capture the very best quality images!

Q: Do you edit all of my images before I receive them?
A: Yes, I do all my own editing. I have several years of experience of post-production in Photoshop and Corel, and deliver only the highest quality portraits and images. I edited in classic style, true color, no trends here. I don't want you to look at your portraits and say, yep that was taken in ??? That's what trends do, date your portraits. My style is timeless and will last a lifetime.

Q: How far will you travel to shoot my Wedding?
A: Most weddings I photograph are within 50 miles of Kansas City. After that, I have a rate per mile. The fee is the going rate on gas at the time of your wedding day. Any travel that includes airfare, hotel or rental car, will be the responsibility of the person who hired me.

Q: Do you include Black & White images?
A: I do include Black and White of specific photos.

Q: How long will it be before I receive my Wedding Images or Album?
A: Online galleries will be posted within 4 weeks of your wedding day. Photo albums will be delivered within 3 weeks upon final approval and selection of images.

Q: How many images will I receive?
A: Just repeat this to your self "Quality over Quantity".   My average number of images for previous clients is between 500-800. However, this may fluctuate depending on several factors during the big day. 

Q: Do I get to keep all of my images?
Q: I will supply you with all of your edited high-resolution images on a custom USB flash drive. I will then give you the names of several professional labs that will deliver high quality prints at a fair price. I do retain the copyright on all images for my professional use, but I will provide you with a  written release so you can create prints for yourself, family members, and more.

Q: Do you come to the rehearsal dinner?
A: Rehearsal coverage is available by request as an A La Carte Service, if you would like to add it to your collection.

Q: How does the Wedding Album design process work?
A: After I have designed your wedding album, I will send it to you for review. This process can be easily done online. I will be happy to meet up and help you pick the style of the cover, color and more to ensure that your album looks and feels the way you want it to. 

Q: What is the "online gallery" you mention in your Wedding Collections?
A: The online gallery is a private, password protected gallery that is accessible from my main website. All of your edited images of your wedding day are located here. Attached to it is a shopping cart for you and your family to order prints at their leisure.

Q: Do you offer engagement sessions?
A: Yes, an engagement session is included with each collection.

Q: What is your style of Photography?
As a Wedding Photographer, my style is photo-journalistic with a touch of traditional. While I am very "in-the-moment" and candid in most of my photography, I do believe there is a time for beautiful posed images of the Bride and Groom along with the bridal party. 

Q: Do you take posed family images?
A: Of course! I think it is very important to document your special day with your whole family. 

Q: Can I provide you with a "shot list"?
A: Of course! I prefer that you give me a list of who you would like included in your Wedding Portraits to make it easier to keep things moving. 

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: 100% Yes!!

Q: Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?
A: Yes I can.

Q: Can you hold a date for me?
A: I can only hold a date with a signed contract and a deposit. I book dates on a first come first serve basis. If you'd like to learn more about booking with me, please contact me.

Q: What do I have to pay and when?
A: When you have picked the Wedding Collection that is right for you, then sign the contract; a 50% fee is due to book your day. The remaining is due on the day of your wedding. 

Q: If I have to cancel, is my deposit refundable?
A: No, it is not. Once you book your day, I make sure to block it off so that no one else can schedule my time over yours. Your day is reserved for you. 

Q: What if something happens to you: illness, family crisis, etc.?
Well...that would suck for me. I have many friends that are professional photographers that would fill in for me in such an event. 

Q: When should I book my wedding?
A: It is ideal to book your wedding at least one year in advance. My busy times fill up fast so please don't hesitate. 

Q: How long do you stay and shoot?
A: I'm yours for the day we've booked together. I know that is unusual, but I find it impossible to pinpoint an exact number of hours that I will be at your wedding. Every wedding is different, and I want to make sure that I capture each special moment! That's what I love about this business!